Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sewing Space Sneak Peek

I recently organized my sewing space so that it is, at the least, presentable. So here are a coupla shots:

This is the view from the door. The table you see is custom made by me with my husbands help.

This is a view of my sewing machine. I have a Pfaff Performance 2056 and a Pfaff Creative 4874 overlock/coverstich machine. The peg board is also custom made by me. Aren't we Seamstresses so handy?

That pretty much covers my sewing space. I use a spare bedroom. It also doubles as the computer room which I am not very fond of. I noticed I am very territorial of my creative space. Does anyone else feel this way? Anyhow I hope you like it!

Until Next Time,

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sassy Ruffled Seamstress

Oh my! I know I am late to the game on this one. Simplicity 2497 oh how I love thee. There have been many a reviews on Pattern Review about this pattern. I fell in love with it just from the pattern envelope. I loved that darn ruffle! So I saw it only fitting to make it to wear to a wedding I was attending. I chose a black stretch sateen and I used some left over black & white cotton fabric in my stash to make a contrasting midriff.

Here I am all dolled up getting ready to go:

I also made a matching hair accessory:

Due to the ease allowed in this pattern there where very little alterations made to the final pattern. I had a bit of a gaping armhole and I simply transferred the access from the armhole to the waist and retraced the sideseam eliminating the access created from the transfer. Hope that makes sense to you. Overall I simply loved this pattern it is after all as sassy as I am. LOL

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I'm Late, But They're Finished...

I originally started making my hubby's jeans way back when. See a couple posts down. I finished them not to long after that so please excuse a sista for her tardiness, okay you got me I was just plain lazy. I"ll do better. On to the review. I used KS3504. This pattern is great and the directions easy to follow. I must also give them kudos for there very simplistic sewing instructions for applying the fly front zipper. Excellent results every time. I should know I have made this pattern more than once actually.

I used a dark denim not quite indigo just a dark blue. The topstitching thread was Coats & Clark Dual Duty xp Heavy. I may try a different thread next time for a more prominent look. As you may see from the photo I stenciled a "D" on the back of the pockets. My husband loved this. I simply chose a font I liked, printed it out, and used my trusty Exacto knife to cut out the template and Viola a nice lil personal touch.

In conclusion this was a very simple, straight forward pattern to work with. It was true to sizing and a flattering fit. Not to small not to big. This has become my GTP or go to pattern for all my husband's jeans.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Seam Splitting, Shut Yo Mouf!

Hi SSDivas! So I was looking online, nothing new right, when I came across a section on kwiksew.com that appealed to me. Usually when I go to kwiksew I just look in the pattern section and navigate til I come to the pattern I had in mine. This time though, I was drawn to the unknown section of "Resources". In this section I found a good amount of articles, free and easily saved, in pdf format. One particular article called to me because of it's cruel and unusual name "Seam Splitting". Alright before you run for the hills it's nothing like it sounds. Simply put it's a method used to decrease the "bulge", their word not mine, where seams intersect. I myself right clicked and save that baby with the quickness. It has been added to my database of useful sewing knowledge. There are a bunch of great articles on their site. Check it out.

Until next time SSDivas,

Saturday, January 2, 2010

SewingPatterns.com, Downloadable Patterns??

Hey SSDivas! I have frequented many a different sewing related sites, for the purposes of fabric shopping, gaining sewing knowledge, and ogling over the expertise of some of my fellow SSDiva bloggers. I happened upon sewingpatterns.com during one of my computer binges. An opportunity arose where I wanted to immediately start sewing a project. I didn't really feel like leaving the house that day and it dawned on me to just go to sewingpatterns.com and see if they have my pattern available for instant download. I seeked, I found, I purchased. Please note you don't actually get to download the pattern to your computer but you do have a portal that is accessible online to print out the pattern whenever you see fit. I then proceeded to print out a plethora of pages with marks galore. This process is not for the faint of heart. I glued and I taped. Here are a couple of pics:

Close up of pattern

My overall feelings toward this method of purchasing sewing patterns is that of appreciation that the sewing industry is progressing, but I wouldn't choose this as a method for instant gratification. Taping the pages together can steal your sewing mojo piece by piece. But on the other hand if you are alright with the time it takes to actually get started this will be a much appreciated option for you. Also I would not recommend this option for a pattern with an infinite amount of pieces as you will be completly defeated before you start. Just my 2.56789 cents!

Until next time SSDivas,

Friday, January 1, 2010

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Projects in the works

Hey SSDivas! I've got a coupla things in the works. First I'm working on Kwiksew 3504 for the hubby.

And Hotpatterns 1023 & 1033 for me.

Until next time SSDivas,